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Happy 97th Birthday Dad! This picture was taken March 8, 2019 when my family and I celebrated my dad’s 97th birthday. Orion Kerr Wilson (OK), known to all as “Ace”  had a fun evening and was joking with all his well-wishers about his “ripe old age”!. Every trip to town someone would say “hey Ace – good to see you” and he would crack a joke in return. He was thought highly of and respected for his business savvy and generosity. Dad was instrumental in implementing and supporting growth in Muskoka.

But he was not always a healthy man. By the age of 78 he suffered from COPD which he had since his time in the Navy; arthritis in his hips and knees; arteriosclerosis; an irregular heart beat; low blood pressure; IBS; gerd, macular degeneration and anxiety for which he took several medications to control. At that point in my life I was living in Germany having gone there to be on the international equestrian show circuit. I discovered that there were home PEMF devices and I was asked to conduct studies on our sport horses. I immediately got my own system which I would lend to others suggesting that they may feel a benefit as I did  and when they returned to ask how they could get their own system I started to work in the business and learn all I could about PEMF therapy.

When I was 19 years old I suffered a bad accident when a horse fell on top of me. My insides were damaged, my L4  and L5 were sideways and rotated and the ends of my cervical vertebrae broke off. I was unable to find pain relief, could not sleep due to the muscle spasms and I became very depressed. Then I was introduced to PEMF therapy which literally saved my life. It was a long but progressive therapy and  8 months later I was back in the saddle. Daily use with my own PEMF machine helped me eliminate the residual chronic pain. But it was the story I told my dad about the effects of a treatment on our old gelding that inspired him to get his own device. Without knowing any better I treated our retired grand-prix team horse on the highest settings. Within minutes he broke down his stall door and galloped out the door and was racing around the property. He then jumped over a bench and garden area into an outside ring where I was able to catch him. He had a big neck and was nickering at me - the short treatment had him behaving like a stallion. When my dad finished laughing at my story he asked “will that device do that for me?” That was 19 years ago when he started with his daily treatment. Within one year dad was off all meds and slowly his symptoms stopped and he was able to live literally until his last day of life pain free and medication free. It was his greatest wish that Sanza be available to everyone as he envisioned a massive benefit to the health care system and individual  health care.

Nothing can replace the good feelings I have experienced as I witnessed   the health benefits my father enjoyed in his golden years. His bones regenerated and his quick recovery from a fall or injury was nothing short of miraculous. A big thank you to Santerra for giving my dad quality life for the past 19 years. I would not  have had my dad with me all these years without your technology.

Dad – I miss you and thanks for your support and I will continue to share your story so that others might improve the quality of their life. Your passion for Sanza and love of life is a legacy that will live on.

R.I.P.   Love you Always   March 24, 2019