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News from the miracle cure department!

Vinzenz B, aged 17,is spending the holidays with friends in France. While sitting on a plastic chair with armrests on 3 September 2014, 5 of his friends decided to sit on top of him, with the result that the chair collapsed and Vinzenz's fingertip was crushed! He received medical treatment at the hospital. Back home again, he started using Sanza on 6.9. The pictures show the rapid healing process.

After three weeks of Sanza, Vinzenz went for a review appointment with the doctor and sent me an SMS message containing this picture on 29 September: "News from the miracle cure department - the doctor was amazed!" The fingertip had fully regrown and the nerves are able to experience all of the sensations they did before the accident.

A report from Gaby Petersen-Königbauer.

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