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The cold season is coming!

How do you get through the wet and icy season without getting ill or getting any infections?  

We get coughs and take in pathogens as a result. If our immune system isn't on the ball, the pathogens are able to take hold and multiply.
The result is sneezing, coughing and hoarseness. "The infection". Now Sanza is used more often with the Chip #3 bio-frequency current for colds, various flu viruses, herpes, allergy frequencies.
In combination with the Sanza envelope curve application, the effect is further enhanced since they have been shown (e.g. through dark field microscopy observation of blood cells) to activate the body's own self-cleansing processes and strengthen the immune system. ;
So use the whole-body mat at least twice a day in accordance with the daily routine, along with the Zapp electrodes (bio-frequency current) and the relevant chip (preferably Chip #3), if necessary placing the cushion on the affected parts and continuing to use the Zapp electrodes. Warming layers are also useful (heat carriers such as the Kirschkern cushion) in combination with the cushion applicator.

Do you suffer from allergies? Please note: Now is the time for allergy sufferers to prepare - with Chip #3! A strong immune system is a good starting point for maintaining your health.

Are you considering a Kneipp water treatment for your arm or leg? Footbaths or a bathtub with "the base" is now a benefit.


Our autumn recipe for you:

ginger with blood orange juice and honey, ideally all fresh. Not only does it taste good,
but it also supports the metabolism. 1/3 ginger infusion, 2/3 blood orange juice and 1 tablespoon of honey
Wishing you a wonderful autumn with all of its rich colours
and a strong immune system Your Sanza EU Team;
Thank you also to Ms Burgi Deli for the helpful user hints!

PS:PS: Training courses are also available to customers and are held in Piding, at Santerra's head office.
If interested, simply send an enquiry to