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Laser application

The innovation of the Sanza wand is the simultaneous use of the laser application alongside magnetic field therapy. Both complement each other to produce an optimised effect. The user benefits from these forms of treatment through their ideal suitability for the non-invasive therapy of trigger or acupuncture points. Excellent results can also be achieved in the treatment of skin, scar tissue, tendon insertions, muscles and gum tissue. Light therapy from soft lasers assists key processes within the body. Photons supply the energy needed to establish the chemical compound ATP, for example, which is an "energy store" for cell functions.
  • Intensive point application of magnetic envelope curves
  • Treatment of acupuncture points without needles
  • Trigger point treatment
  • Reflex zone treatment
  • Increased effectiveness through the combination of the magnetic envelope curves of all Sanza applicators with soft laser use.
  • Laser application alone is also suitable for cardiac pacemaker patients.