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Santerra Energy

The water we drink is the element that best receives the signal and transmits it to all "living things": plants, animals and humans.

Contact with the "informed" material (SANTERRA ENERGY) for a few tenths of a second is enough to create a neuromotor balance.

Inform water:

Hold the cylinder for a second on a glass of water, wine, ... and the liquid is informed. The information cannot be transported through plastic bottles / containers.

2x a daily glass of water should be drunk.. It improves reflexes, muscle tone, sleep, intestinal functions, blood circulation.

Medication can also be informed before taking it - it improves the effect and absorption in the body.

Medicate medication:

take capsules, tablets from the blister and place in a glass or put directly into the cylinder

In case of rectal application (enema) the intestinal function improves - ex: informing water for douching

Informing Clothing:

The "information" can be easily transferred to clothing, which improves posture and athletic performance. Just roll the cylinder over your clothes, the effect can be enhanced with the laser rod.

To improve your sleep:

simply hold the Santerra Energy in your hand or drink "informed water" before falling asleep.

Plants and animals:

"Informed water" improves plant growth and has positive effects in veterinary medicine (treatments) For example: put the Santerra Energy in the water tank for the animal or fill the water for the animal in a glass container and inform it with the cylinder from the outside ,


Do not expose Santerra Energy to heat
Above 50 °, the "information" is lost

We recommend to keep SANTERRA Energy in the box and in the dark room

No Sideeffects!

Video: Inform Water with Santerra Engery

Video: neutralize muscular disbalance with Santerra Energy

Video: neutralize mobile phone and Wifi exposure with Santerra Energy