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Bio-frequency current

As we go about our daily lives, we are intermittently or even constantly exposed to bacterial, viral and parasitic stresses of varying intensity. Regular treatment sessions with bio-frequency current ensure irritation of the intruders, strengthening and stimulating the immune system.

Combined with magnetic field applications, they produce an increased effectiveness of bio-frequency current applications. After many thousands of measurements, Santerra has the expertise required to identify the frequency ranges that have the greatest effect on the immune system. With sanza, you can therefore optimise your metabolism and encourage detoxification and perfusion.

Micro-organisms, also known as microbes, are very able to adapt and survive. Even under conditions where no living organisms might be expected, some bacteria have evolved. They can withstand Arctic cold and have become acclimatised to extreme heat. Reproduction and survival are the fundamental interests of all forms of life.
These microbes include bacteria, viruses and fungi. These microbes are all around us. They are taken in via the skin, the airways and through the digestive tract. Our body lives in symbiosis with some of them, i.e. we benefit from this form of shared existence. Intestinal colonisation is an example of this. The gut flora is vital for digestion and the production of substances that are essential for life. Others maintain the vaginal environment, while others maintain the pH value of our skin to keep us protected.

Some microbes are known as pathogens. This is where the immune system needs to kick in to fight off attacks on our health and build up a memory so that it is armed and ready in the event of further contacts with the same pathogens. Our immune system is faced not only with viruses, bacteria and fungi, but also with parasites such as worms. Here too, our defence mechanisms need to respond appropriately. Harmful substances that we absorb through the skin, through the air we breathe in or through our food are deposited in the body and cause problems with metabolic processes. Our bodies also produce waste products, which burden the "rubbish dump". The conditions in which we live can tax and stress our immune system. If this system is over-burdened or if there is an unfavourable combination of individual elements, symptoms and ultimately illness can develop