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Health Day in Ebsdorfergrund

Hello dear GP`s,

The sanza team in central Hessen consisting of Heike Hämer (GP), Martina Pilz (GP) and Dr. med. Michaela Kuhn (sanza user and therapist) organized and carried out the basic health day in September 2018. In the GrundTreff the municipality Ebsdorfergrund this event took place for the first time and was a great success! Perhaps this is a suggestion for you to think about the extent to which such a thing could be done in your catchment area.
An unexpected response has surprised us all. A total of 83 people wanted to know what is offered.
And that was not enough!
Three lectures, one hour each including a question and answer session were given to attentive and very interested listeners..
In addition, in the "supporting program" coffee and cake as well as three different homemade soups were offered by the ladies of the citizen meeting.



For the presentations, the three organizers invited the following speakers:


Hans-Georg Glorius
Dipl.-Wirtschaftsing. (FH) Managing Partner marTECH Systems GmbH 2nd Chairman Bundesverband Elektromosmog e.V.
  • Hans Georg Glorius is the Managing Partner of marTech Systems GmbH and Deputy Chairman of the Federal Association of Electrosmog e.V.
    In his lecture, he gave a very vivid account of the development of electrosmog and the health consequences, and uses small experiments to illustrate how our environment is influenced by this electrosmog. Part of our health problems have now been proven to be due to electrosmog. Unfortunately EHS (electrohypersensitivity) is on the rise in Germany as well. It should be mentioned that H.G. Glorius is also a sanza user and plans to support the sanza team in Central Hessen as GP in the future



     Dr. med. Michaela Kuhn
Specialist for General Medicine Event & Practice for Holistic Body Therapy Osteopathy - Body Psychotherapy Hypnotherapy - Natural Healing 35085 Ebsdorfergrund - Wittelsberg
  • Dr. Michaela Kuhn, specialist in general medicine and owner of a holistic body therapy practice, successfully implements sanza in her practice in osteopathy, body psychotherapy and natural healing.
    In her presentation she emphasized the personal responsibility of each one of us for his / her health, introducing the 5 pillars of health. These are:
    1. Our body
    2. Our psyche
    3. Our mental attidude
    4. Our social enviroment and
    5. Spirituality
    Their vivid explanations of the individual pillars, combined with a test of the entire auditorium, found recognition among the audience and led one or the other to reflect on how he or she can assume more responsibility for his / her own health. M. Kuhn has pointed out that, of course, the findings of conventional medicine are essential components of a holistic therapy.
 Else KnafSpecialist in General Practice Dr. med. Wolf, potter and Knaf 63110 Rodgau Team doctor 3rd league Handball HSG Rodgau Nieder-Roden Santerra Hotline Physician since 2005
  • 1. The last lecture of our hotline General Practitioner Else Knaf had the topic of energy medicine with sanza with the aim to summarize the two previous lectures and to explain the unique possibilities of our sanza system in this context.
    She first referred to the electrosmog problem described by H.G.Glorius and reported that she was often confronted with this phenomenon during her travels to Canada.
    She described how sanza application can provide relief for this group of people. In a particularly severe case of the EHS, a complete cure could be achieved through regular use.
    Of course, the topic of responsibility for one's own health fits perfectly with our Sanza system. Regular use as prophylaxis and health problems are the basis of success for our customers.
    E. Knaf explained in your talk how the natural energy sources, such as It presented the individual components of the sanza system and their specific mode of action and gave some examples from their practical experience. The usual aha effects in her lectures especially in her pictures of wound healing did not stay this time.



    It was a great experience for all of us!

    Many thanks to the three ladies of the sanza team Mittelhessen and the speakers. I believe that once again we have succeeded in demonstrating what a unique system we have and with which dedicated and sympathetic people we try to make sanza even better known.

    In this sense, until October
    Your Bernd