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African and Arab Medicine Fair in Cairo

Dear business partners!

From 30.4. until 6.5.2018 we were invited to the biggest African and Arab medicine fair in Cairo. Our local partners organized, branded and selected a very good location.

The day after we arrived we started to train the staff on site. There were 4 female doctors, 4 med. Engineers and 4 sales managers present.

We have been training Sanza technology, applications and applications throughout the day. The next day of the fair opening, 3 exhibitors were invited to the press conference with the Deputy Minister of Health.

Christian Pichler was one of the interview partners!

The representative of the Ministry of Health visited us directly at the booth with the camera team. It was already reported on the first evening on state TV in the 20 o'clock news about Sanza!

We had many interviews with Egyptian doctors, with interested people from the surrounding African and Arab countries. From 9 o'clock in the morning until 19 o'clock in the evening we were on site, each of us had 2-3 interested persons to inform about the performance of our product. On the 2nd and 3rd day, the physicians have already taken over this information transfer themselves and carried out the first applications. After the fair, we drove to the clinic of the most famous wound healing specialist for diabetic foot from Egypt and have until 2 o'clock in the morning !!! wound treatments performed on the patient through. Including a Saudi prince! The first treatments showed immediate effect and we have been able to win a medical opinion of the country for us! Finally we got the price of the most attractive and most visited booth.

All in all very exciting and successful days in Cairo!