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2nd health day in Ebsdorfer Grund



On 17.03.2019, the 2nd health day of the sanza group from Central Hessen took place in Ebsdorfergrund near Marburg.
It was female power announced!
Under the direction and moderation of Heike Hämer, three interesting speakers dedicated themselves to the topic of health and well-being, especially the preparation for this in spring. 
In front of more than 70 listeners, Veronika Musterer was the first woman to speak about the necessity of an acid-base balance in our body, explaining the products of Jentschura as a dietary supplement.
Secondly, our hotline doctor Else has intensively illuminated the subject of purifying, relaxing and regenerating with sanza in her own pleasant and understanding way. She has pointed out that without preparation of the body with sanza and the dietary supplements can not work optimally.
After a coffee break with great cakes, Dr. Michaela Kuhn in her presentation focused on the importance of vitamin D for our body. 
Very vividly she has addressed the history of the use of vitamin D and has also contradicted the still great skepticism of many school physicians who do not take into account the importance of vitamin D for our body. It has detailed the application and dosage, depending on the vitamin D level. 
Of course, sanza was the focus of attention at this health day. Many interested parties got more information about sanza during the break and after the presentations by Heike, Martina, Michaela and Else. Sanza users have reported on their positive experiences, so that a positive sanza business can be expected in the future for the "Mittelhessen Group".
From my side, I congratulate the team around Heike for a very successful event, which may well be a stimulus for other business partners.

It greets you
Dr. Bernd Knaf


Hotlinedoctor Else Knaf talking to a interested woman

Heike Hämer, Dr. med. Michaela Kuhn, Martina Pilz