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Divisions & organ systems

Divisions & organ systems

Divisions & organ systems

Divisions & organ systems

Divisions & organ systems

Divisions & organ systems

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For over 2000 years, traditional Chinese medicine, also influenced by Ayurveda, has believed there to be a central factor for health and well-being in energy-related balance, i.e. in the harmonious flow of vital energy throughout the entire body.

Vital energy flows along defined pathways - the channels or meridians - through the body and feeds the functional circuits, i.e. the organs..

Based on the fact that our body is a perfect, self-regulating system in which all processes are based on electromagnetic interactions, problems with this flow of energy (e.g. energy deficit or blockage) can lead to physical and psychological disorders or (chronic) illnesses.

TCM has since also become largely established within the German healthcare system, and modern medical technology is combined with centuries-old experience: energy deficits can be measured using state-of-the-art medical technology and resolved through the use of magnetic field therapy systems with envelope curves and combination therapy with bio-frequency currents and soft lasers.;

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